Jazzy – Day 1 (and 2 + 3)

Jazz has finally arrived at the farm! At long last he is here. We actually bought him back on the 1st August. It is now the 5th November. This was due to a most unfortunate and painful summer on my part. Large scale operations and health issues are not an uncommon hazard for me. Anyway, now he is here!

I am cheating slightly for he arrived on Thursday (3rd November) 2 days ago so I am playing catch up a little.

He seems to have settled well. His nature seems genuinely calm and docile so I am pleased that he is not appearing to be too stressed by his new surroundings. The livery yard is always busy. I am pleased Dice wasn’t concerned with moving out of his prime real estate for Jazz. The stable is large, and Jazzy is much larger than Dice who does have an equally comfortable, if slightly more size-appropriate stable, right next door.

As assumed, Jazz has had lots of visitors. Everyone has been over to admire and coo over the new horse. This doesn’t seem to bother him too much but I have been keeping an eye in case too much distressed him much. People are well-intentioned though. It appears he hasn’t had a lot of TLC, not that he hasn’t been looked after magnificently for me while I have been in hospital and unwell for many, many months. Merely that busy yards, dealer yards, livery yards and the people who work there are so rushed off their feet they don’t have time to stand feeding the horses treats all day. Lucky for me I have no such rushes. He simply doesn’t fully understand what to do with polo’s and other small treats offered. It’s sweet really. I hope it will encourage him to take an interest in me which will eventually turn to curiosity and then onto trust.

I was lucky enough to also get a Christmas present in a brand new saddle for him early. That arrived today so the last couple of days I have just lunged him in the round pen. I don’t see this as a bad thing as I have enjoyed just observing him and seeing what his nature is like without human interference. I am trying to get a read on his horsenality a little bette though I am fairly certain he is an introvert. (Dice is a Left-Brain Extrover/Introvert, Storm is a Right-Brain Introvert/Extrovert but more on this in detail later, or I may write a separate page on it completely but it is fascinating to me).

Particularly today I have felt a little more connected to him from the floor at my end in the way of learning his mannerisms, small tests. Such as trimming his legs with small clippers, washing his legs and tail, pulling his mane, trimming a bridle path; all things to note his reactions and to be aware of. As it was, he was spectacular and was brilliant with everything, he was less keen on having a bridlepath done but no large fuss was made.

I now have his saddle but as luck would have it, I had another small operation earlier this week so can’t ride until I am out of pain. Maybe another few days. A little frustrating maybe but it is still good to observe him from the ground by way of lunging and getting him a little more interested in me rather than looking round for other horses and calling to them. I need to become more important to him than the other horses. I am not concerned. Storm was much similar for months, he appears to be much more sensitive and reactive than Jazz and now he is very connecting and more trusting with me. Though it does take much more time in Right-Brain horses than Left-Brain horses.

Below is the first time we (my mum and I) saw Jazz (31st July), just a week after coming out of Ireland; where my mum rode him and I couldn’t as I was fresh out of hospital after 6 weeks in and still very much in recovery and barely walking. The bottom picture was taken 2 days ago when he arrived at the farm. Although it’s his opposite sides and the angle is all different because I am obviously lunging him; you can already see the difference a little extra feed and having his teeth done made to him. I’ll try and get a better picture of the same side tomorrow for a better contrast. img_1141

31.7.16 – First time meeting Jazz


4.11.16 – First time Jazzy is on the lunge at home


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