No Riding Yet..

Another glorious weekend at the farm has passed by. I tried riding Storm again yesterday (Sunday) thinking I must be alright as its was 13 days since by surgery. Evidently I was not. I only managed to get just up the land and back half hanging off the saddle and stiff as a board. Although Storm is so wonderful and good he doesn’t show his complaints, it can’t be good for his back and my rigidness must be extremely uncomfortable to him. Sensitive as he is, he is quite tolerant in other aspects. Thats a Right Brain Introvert pony trying hard for you. That more than anything to me highlights his introvert side. He is actually a Right Brain Extrovert cusp of introvert. When compared to a true introvert horse, it is very apparent that Storm is not a true introvert. He moves his feet much more and much faster. But his strong characteristics of tolerance and obedience allow him to occasionally drift into that RBI category.

Anyway…no riding for me yet. The frustration continues.

The other horses have had a good weekend. Jazz continues to be excellent and well behaved in the round pen. He doesn’t appear to be too bored yet but I try to mix it up as best I can. Sometimes we are in there for half an hour, other days just 10 minutes. Without any equipment for more of a free rein; then with equipment to keep a little handle on his formal education.

Dice got ridden by his fantastic 2nd rider, a young 14 year old girl who wants to learn more about showjumping and to get jumping bigger jumps than she can on her 13.3 super-cob, who is fantastic and a lovely, steady LBI star, but not a natural jumper despite his very best efforts. She rides him fantastically and I’ve known her and her mum for years. She schooled him beautifully for me.

Holding out hope that by Wednesday I might have made SOME progress towards riding again. I am extremely patient with my horses because I know that is the best way and aggression gets you absolutely nowhere, but not so much with myself. Fingers crossed and a bit of extra luck!

Dice always has his head over the door. He whineys at me whenever I walk near his door. It makes me feel very special 🙂



This is one of my favourite pictures of late. Storm presumably telling Jazz all there is to know about becoming an eventer and passing on his best tips and tricks!img_2198

Storm patiently waiting for me to let him out after enjoying a good roll in the round pen. He’s needing a hair cut again! He’s looking so fluffy.



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