Weekend at the Yard

We hit the weekend again. It has been remarkably uneventful. More lunging and circling for Storm and Jazz while Dice has his 2nd rider come and school him on the flat on Saturday, then over some poles to work on collection and extension today.

It has been defiantly cold and winter turnout is now in full swing. I haven’t yet seen any bad behaviour from my little bunch but it is still early days. I shouldn’t maybe say ‘bad’ behaviour. It is more like a lack of frequent turnout brings out the more ‘interesting’ characteristics of each horse that are more extremes of their unique horsenalities.

The best I could have done this weekend was to clean everybody up and give them each a really good grooming session with lots of individual attention so they all felt like they did something and went back to their stables a little less bored.

I am starting to pull together in my mind a training plan for each of them. When I EVENTUALLY get back riding again I can start straight away and build each of them up to a good level of “winter work”. Storm will start straight back into flatwork training with fortnightly lessons. We might have to go back a few steps to come forward again as he has had 6 weeks with no flatwork at all so he may be quite rusty and need reminding of what to do. As for Jazzy, he is my blank canvas currently, we will start right back at the basics, covering what he already knows and improving it before we go on. I would plan to take him to some dressage competitions relatively soon, not because I want to compete him but to get him out and experiencing new environments. Still, I may be a little ahead of myself. Here’s to hoping I heal as quick as possible! And here are some pictures of the boys this weekend 🙂





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