“My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it’s broken.”

Strange and sad weekend. My family suffered heartbreak on Saturday night when my gramps lost his short but vigorous battle with cancer. I was not sure I wanted to include much on this post so I beg your pardon if it is short.

Yet I was so proud of Dice on Saturday, he jumped a 1.10m fence which he hasn’t done for over a year. He felt so good and after my promise to myself to do a brave thing with at least one of my horses at least once a week. That was my brave thing. I didn’t even feel too intimidated by the larger-than-comfortable fence and rode it exactly the same and my super star just bounced over it with lots of room feeling very confidant and young! This had to be worth a mention.

Storm was my saviour Sunday. I was so deeply upset I went half heartedly to the yard which of course was full of people. I desperately didn’t want to talk to anyone except the yard owner who I love about as much as my own mother. She is like my 3rd parent/close friend. She knew, she gave me the biggest hug and let me cry quietly. Then I ran and grabbed Storms’ tack, threw it on my ever-patient pony and fled the yard. We rode out round a familiar but longer ride. I started in tears but as Storm kept going, I calmed down and cantered along the fields, letting the cool wind brush away the grief for a brief moment. He was fantastic. In that moment I owed him everything, which as he is a pony, seems ridiculous. But by the time I arrived back at the yard I felt calmer and in more control of myself. The entire purpose of the ride. Such a wonderful creature. I am so lucky. That morning he completely embodied my title of ‘hoofbeats = heartbeats’.

P.S. Jazz continued as normal, steadily improving and me growing in confidence with every ride.

Be so grateful for every day. Every ride, every breath. Love your life.img_2448

I hope Dice was as proud of himself as I was of him flying our 1.10m fence today. Awesome showjumping pony tries his heart out for me. 


Jazzy looking snoozy after a long working session. He’s improving every day and my confidence with him is growing equally well. Good boy!


2 thoughts on ““My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it’s broken.”

  1. So sorry about your gramps. Glad he is now free of suffering. We are so blessed with our horses. I thank God every day for them. I know what you are feeling. I have lost count of the times they have done for me what you described in your post. Give Storm some extra loving. There is no doubt he knew what you needed.

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    1. Thank you so much. Such kind words. Of course they don’t understand properly but I do believe they feel our feelings. It is hard to describe how they just seem to know.. and help. So much to be grateful for.

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