I’m back… one week holiday.

I am back! I’ve not posted anything for a little while, firstly due to recovering from the initial shock of my gramps’ death and then because I left my beautiful horses for a week and escaped to the west coast of Mexico. 13 hours flying and 7 time zones away is a long time. It was fabulous to be so warm and press pause on the difficult things in life. It was wonderful but one week was long enough. I miss my horses too much if its longer than that. I know, I’m weird 😉 But they mean the world to me and they are my life.

So, to pick up where we left of;

Jazzy.. he is extremely nervous out hacking and tends to spin on the spot in a 180 turn when he loses confidence. It doesn’t particularly seem to be at anything in particular. However, he span 8 times I think on his first ride out and yesterday up the lane I managed to fully block one spin and he only achieved half a spin the only other time he tried. I think my method of sit and hold that position and rein until he yields to it rather than pull and tug and battle is extremely effective.

With Dice for example, being a LBE, this would not do as he would over power and override what I was asking him, most likely with an ‘up’ motion. Cheeky pony! With Jazz however this makes a request that is not intense pressure (which he does not like being firmly in the RBI camp – I finally did his horsenality profile properly and compared him to the other two. Very interesting). I will go into detail in a following post.

His schooling is also trickling along nicely. I try to keep it short and sweet as the goal is not to tire him but to educate him each and every single time I am around him. All this learning can be quite tiresome so whether it is hacking out, (of which we still only really go up and down the lane both ways – yet it will come with time and confidence on his part.) or schooling. So there fore keeping it short means he can emotionally and mentally cope much better. If he just puts effort into one thing going really right, then we more of less finish the session. Even if it has only been 15 minutes. This is how you play the long game with horses and get it right. I am also feeling like I am beginning to understand him better. The horsenality profile helped a lot as I have never had an RBI before. I’ve had every other quadrant. More experience with extroverts but I like a challenge. Storm helped me to understand Right  Brain horses much more. Patience and calmness will take you far with these horses.

Speaking of Storm, he is doing fantastic even though he is SO BORED. I think he misses eventing. He is always so keen to move and work. (Typical balanced RBE). I have decided to take him hunting on Boxing Day. For better or worse we are giving it a go. He is so fantastic and brave and loves his cross country he might be ok. I am planning on putting a green ribbon in his tail to signal he is a novice – he has never hunted before. And we will jump only easy things that are more straightforward for him. He is used to perfectly manicured British Eventing courses. Hunting is more adrenaline-fuelled and wild. Even so, if you never try, you’ll never know.

And of course my little soulmate Dicey. He is sweet and wonderful as ever. He’s fresh though and feeling himself! Not a bad sign at his age and I hoped his second rider would cope ok with him being full of it. I think he’s great fun like that but it can be unnerving if you are used to a steadier ride I suppose. Anyway, she’s loved him. He’s been fab and not showing his age at all. 17 years young and still going strong.

Lovely to be back at home. And by home, I mean the yard 🙂

Giving my Jazzy boy some love. He tries so hard and is coming along so nicely.

Dice’s super second rider! She is fantastic and he loves the extra attention.


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