More surgery for me.. No riding :(

I am currently not the happiest girl in the world. I had some more surgery on Friday and I am not allowed to ride for at least 2 weeks. It is a ‘spin-off’ of my larger operation over the summer. It is an ongoing problem. So, no riding.

It is so bizarre. I spent the weekend inside and resting. Something I am not naturally very good at. At least this time the timescale should really be shorter. The pain isn’t great but hey ho. Thats life. I am already stressing about getting them all appropriately exercised by sufficiently skilled riders. I have mentioned this in a previous post. Once I am back on my feet I will be able to utilise the round pen and lunge them too which will at least help keep them ticking over, if not actively progressing forward. Fitness is paramount for Storm. Education and behaviour (stress) for Jazz and getting some energy out of Dice!

Instead of riding this weekend and visiting the yard I made a ‘Jazz Plan’. A plan to get Jazz to a BE 80 (T) event by the end of this season. Whether or not we make it isn’t entirely important but it will push me to make more proactive steps with him. I made myself a list of stepping stones for him. When I have fully completed the list I will post it on here as a reminder to keep going. He is a good horse, very trainable with an excellent jumping technique. I have this year in between my Art Degree and my Masters degree to give it a really good push. I always said I was going to give it a good go so now I am going to give myself a big dose of CONFIDENCE and just do it. Without overtaking or rushing him I might add. Progressive steps. But I have had him on the yard since the last week of November so he has been here 3 months which is enough time to feel I know the basics of him.

I think it takes a full year, through all seasons to entirely know a horses’ character in different circumstances and know their ‘worst’ behaviours and their best features. Jazz and I.. we are a getting there! First of all, I want to change his passport name. It is the same name as my brother which is absolutely fine, until I come in saying howe good ***** was being ridden today… and the jokes begin. Can’t have it. Once I have his passport name changed, I will need to register him with British Eventing. Though I may wait until we are a few steps closer to the eventing goal before this.

Not to leave out Storm. I am so focused on Oasby. I am learning the dressage test already. I have found a great website that shows pictures of British Eventing courses and I am (highly ambitiously) also looking at the BE100 course. In pictures it looks do-able for me and my wonder pony. I am sure in person it is much more challenging. Besides, I need a good run of the season at BE90 before I think about stepping it up again.

I did get driven down to the farm briefly today. I did not stay for long because I hurt. Jazz and Storm went on the walker so I took Dice to the round pen and let him roll while I worked on some Liberty skills in the round pen. Really he is not entirely ready for it yet but the basics of drawing him to me, disengaging the HQ and transitions on the circle are slowly coming along. So excited for my Parelli future with him.


Not his most flattering angle but he is still gorgeous to me and makes me feel so loved! (Even when I am not bringing him food)


Dice LOVES a roll in the sand. 


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