Having Good Friends & No Patience

Times such as these it is brought right to the forefront of my attention that I have wonderful friends down at the farm. I have not been able to drive so my dear lovely mum has taken me to visit the horses a couple of times where she has been able to fit it in. I have been so pleased to go down and visit for a brief time. It helps break up the monotony of staying inside (something I am not loving), andIt ] I get to also see my friends.

These friends always step up to the plate when I am unwell, frequently surpassing all my expectations in their willingness to give me a helping hand in looking after and exercising my horses.

Jazz has had his auntie Kristina come and ride him. She is a fantastic just-turned-pro event rider as well as being one of the loveliest, kindest people I have met in Eventingland. Jazz certainly had a lesson he wouldn’t forget in a hurry, she taught him so well. I tried to watch her every move, squeeze, nudge – but she explains what she is doing anyway. She also took him out up the lane on a ride. I told her about his spinning but she is well used to horses doing all kinds of adventurous and crazy things on 2 legs or leaping off in the air. So Jazzy’s little spins would be nothing to her. She managed him well of course. Something I thought was educational for him. I was very pleased and considered the possibility of having Kristina come and ride him for me once a week. I got an awful lot out of it and she could certainly help propel us along a little. I may put this proposition to her once I am better or after next week when she is coming again to ride him. I know she is incredibly busy with her own eventing yard just up the lane but it can’t hurt to ask. She is just so skilled and knowledgable. It seems a shame to not learn from her.

Dice and Storm also got exercised though I wasn’t around to supervise this as they are both being ridden by riders who I have called upon before. Storm is also going on the walker almost every day and I did manage to fit in a lunging session with him. He is very easy to lunge. All I needed to do was slowly hobble into the middle of the round pen and wait there for half an hour while he trots and canters round by voice command. Such a delightful boy.

I was quite ill yesterday and today, I could not get up out of bed except to throw up horribly. Urgh! Not pleasent at all. Nor did I have my camera with me so I have no pictures of the last few days. So instead – being the picturaholic I am – I’ll put a couple of throwbacks on here. My patience is being tested once again. I am SO impatient when it comes to healing. If I am mentally sound, I get frustrated that my body can’t keep up. It has always been this way. My physicality always has been hard work. However, it could be much worse. I am at home, not hospital. I am able to go see my horses; i.e. I am not bed bound (illness days aside) and I have my mum looking after me with my mind at ease that my horses are all being taken care of and this really won’t be too long before I am back up in the saddle.

From the top left clockwise: 

  • The first time I took Storm XC schooling. I was nervous (can you tell by my position), but he looked after me so well. 
  • Taking Storm to a racetrack for gallop training just before we started eventing. Bucket list – TICK
  • Jazzy at a show just before we bought him. Seeing how well he did definitely sealed the deal.
  • Dice. Just being the beautiful, gorgeous appie he always has been. 

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