Dice Issues & Lots of Circles

My visits to the yard have been a little sporadic due to my good days and not-so-good days of healing. Healing is a long game for those of us with no immune system. In the days I have been around, I am unfortunate to report that Dice is lame. Only mildly so, not enough to cause outright panic but at his age I can’t help but worry. Particularly as there are no marks, cuts, lumps, bumps or heat in the lame leg. It is his near side front, which he occasionally catches with his bouncy, over-achieving hind legs and cuts himself a little bit. This time there is no such mark.

So far my decision is to not bute him; for I do not want to mask any problem there might be – and to be clear, he is not lame in walk; mildly in trot. However, much to his distaste, he is on box rest until next Monday. That might be why he escaped AGAIN!

In fairness this time it wasn’t entirely his fault. One of the lovely workers left his door bolt not quite sliding all the way in, so the special ‘Dice-lock’ (think child-lock) wasn’t working, piece of cake for Dice to slide ordinary bolts back. I think he enjoys it. Thinks it is a game. Her rattles his special Dice-proof bolts like hell trying to work it out.

Anyway, this time I was chatting to someone half way down the drive when she spotted (haha) behind me, a spotty pony zoom past. (So much for carefully planned box rest!) As he carted himself to the top carpark to get to some tasty grass. Despite injuries my friend and I ran round to the gate in the top carpark to ensure he didn’t escape onto the lane. Then he let me catch him and take him back to his stable/prison cell. He shouldn’t, but he really does make me smile. I have tried to get him out every day and groom him and fuss over him when I have been down so he feels like he is having something done with him and some attention. I can’t help but notice his lame leg is his left side which is his stiffer side so I have called our fantastic Equine Physio to come and take a look at him. If anyone besides a vet can spot the problem and help him out, it will most certainly be her.


He’s my buddy and I love him. 

Jazzy and Storm are having much more active days. I am arranging it so Storm gets some work every day. Albeit the intensity may not be as if I was actually riding him but it certainly is the best I can do for him. A mixture of lunge work with the bungee chord -recommended for the earlier mentioned physio – which he is FANTASTIC with now; for intensive, schooling-style sessions. The horse walker for longer, stamina exercise and being hacked out by my instructor and friend. This is the usual type of hacking I would do with him. I am not too worried. Even if I am unable to ride for another week, I still feel I will have enough time before out first registered competition to whip him into an even sharper shape. He is so ready for it.

Jazz is getting a similar mixture of exercise to Storm but not quite every day and slightly less intensive. My lunging aid of choice with him is the Pessoa. Though I tend to mix up his sessions between free lunging and lunging with an aid as he is young and he is developing steadily. ‘Auntie Kristina’ is coming back to ride him tomorrow and the following day so I am looking forward to that. Overall I am as pleased with them as I can be. I am happy I am on my feet and not in hospital. As per usual they are all getting the best care any horse could ever need. The only thing dragging it down is the mud! Will it ever end?! Even clean horse Jazz managed to fully colour in his blaze on his face with mud this week. I’ll be pleased when it dries up for Spring!

Jazz thinking his coloured in blaze is funny

Storm just being perfect after a session in the round pen 


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