It’s Got Colder Again & Special Jazz Moments

This last week in all honesty has been much the same as the week before. I have not much news to report on so to save a long, rambling post about similar issues I am just going to make this one a little shorter.

Ok, one thing. The weather! Why is it continually trying to snow?! I don’t want to go galloping around a cross country course with snow in my face and Storm trying to hide his head down by his knees as we are going along. I might be over-reacting and jumping the gun a touch (now less than 1 month until we get under way with eventing again 😁😁). And I will go out and do it in the sleet if I have to, but we enjoyed the days so much better when it was sunnier and warm enough to just wear 1 or 2 layers rather than my current 5-7 layers. Not kidding.

I had a big rush of affection for Jazzy this week. It has come to the moment of clipping all those straggly half-feathers off the ponies legs; and by the way – Storm looks 1000 times better and smarter! Now last time I trimmed them all off using the trimmers, he was a little nervous and didn’t keep his legs very still. Yet this time he stood calmly and relaxed without getting upset or nervous. I suppose it is a small thing but I sort of realised that he has been at bank house for 4 months or so and has already come such a long way. I appear at his stable door and he comes over and says hello with a curious, happy face. He is going much better under saddle. He is easy and sweet to handle on the ground. All round, he is just such a lovely horse. I think he is beginning to learn who I am and that I am an important thing in his life. Note I said important not ‘good’ yet. But importance comes first. He is attentive to me and when I ask things of him on the ground he respects and listens. It is incredible the bond you can build with them if you put the effort in and read them whilst knowing how to treat them using psychology. (P.s. Parelli really works!) Very pleased. I am looking forward to watching Kristina on him again this week.

Dice is unfortunately still lame after trotting him up and having his second rider hop briefly on board to see how he felt. He seems ok on the straight and right hand turns/circles. He is still positively lame on left turns and on/off on left circles. The equine physio is coming to see him tomorrow so hopefully she can provide me with some answers or ideas or next steps in how to help him if she can’t find anything muscularly wrong with him.

Storm is firing on all cylinders ready to go. As he has been for a few weeks now. I think it’s also to do with the amount of food he gets which is 3 full feeds a day and 40 pounds of hay in one day. Yes, he is a 14.2hh pony. And yes, he is a very slim type. Obviously  I am not making obese. I am achieving my goal of getting him worked in some capacity everyday. It just makes me more excited than ever to get going on him this season. He is so ready for it. We can’t wait.


My little (large) cutie pie. I know I am biased but I think he is just too sweet. 


Feeling some extra Jazzy loving this week. The bond you can build with a horse is incredible. 


Stormy pudding LOVES a roll in the round pen. It’s not all hard work and drilling round and round. I try to keep it enjoyable for them all. 


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