Ups & Downs

What a mixed bag of emotions it has been the last few days. As always, let’s start with the positives. The biggest one.. I AM BACK IN THE SADDLE!!!!!!! And so thrilled about it you can’t imagine! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Ok so I only rode properly today for the first time. Yesterday last thing was my trial run on Storm. Storm my little piece of perfection in this mad, mad world. I felt fantastic and so I had a proper ride today. Half a schooling session and half a ride out. I swear that pony is actually a unicorn. He was fantastic for me. A little rusty on the schooling, but I can’t blame him because I certainly was too. My lovely friend who were riding him just hacked him out for me; left the schooling alone. But it just felt wonderful. He is so fantastic I just feel like he can do anything. He has been absolutely wonderful. Now on to getting ourselves fit and ready for the season! Just short of 3 weeks and counting. Cannot wait!

Unfortunately the slightly more negatives now. Partly because this is a little like a diary to me so I feel it is a good place to get out my thoughts and feelings about the horses without judgement. Letting me just get it off my chest and have a slight whinge or rant without purpose. Just for the sake of getting it out of my brain.

So, Dice. Lame again. Newly lame today. After the previous few days of being absolutely fantastic and loving life being lunged and walked in hand up the lane (by me), he had his second rider on him today and he was definitely lame. Less lame without a rider, more lame with a rider. I am gutted. After consulting the magic physio, the lady in charge of our yard (doubling up as my riding instructor) and another good friends’ advice I am going to box rest him for another week. After that I will see if he has improved, stayed the same or worse and ring the vet accordingly. I can’t help but worry a little bit; as he is worse with a rider and saddle it implies it is something in his shoulder. The physio explained she is treating the symptom of a cause. We need to find the cause. So sad as my little Dice is just my darling and I want him to be ok so badly. I will check him back into the blog in one week.

And sadly Jazz. My poor boy has had a rough week. Jazz has problems with his teeth. The gaps between his teeth are unusual. Rather than being parallel with small spaces in between his back molars (bottom jaw only), he has large, triangular gaps which means food gets stuck and wedged in these gaps but cannot get out again. This turns into a bacterial infection along his gum line and the food itself. It causes him great pain and he has to go have this sorted out every 3 months or so. However, the vet thinks that he has struggled with this for a very long time and has been in some degree of pain for a long time. So he was fantastic and cleaned out his teeth then filed them down to make the triangular gaps more ‘rectangular’ – parallel so food can get back out again. Essentially it looks like he has lost a small tooth the gaps are so big but he said it should be much more comfortable for him.

Which I am pleased to report it is. He has been eating up all his hay which he rarely did before and is wolfing down his feeds. This is brilliant news for Jazz, he should also be putting weight on much more now. However, for me – based on today – is a disaster. I lunged him for a while before I got on as I know he has had a couple of days off recovering from his vet-day and his teeth. He seemed great and ridable, so I went to the arena and got on. DISASTER. He was so on his toes. He was very spooky! Like how he is out riding on his own spooky. Leaping sideways and trying to jog, ignoring me completely. I was so surprised. He has never behaved this way to this extent in the arena he is ridden in every day at home. I did not feel safe. He is a big horse to me and with that comes power and strength which when put against you is not good. He is so sharp when he spooks and spins. Even when I was working him between a strong hand and leg, he still managed to whip round and leap about.

Long story short, I got off and took him back to the round pen. I felt humiliated and sad. My lovely horse had frightened me. I’ll be honest, I feel a failure. I feel embarrassed that I didn’t know what to do and my ideas failed. That I had to get off after 20 minutes trying to get him to walk around the arena and failing. For being scared to trot him off. Humiliated. I Β need to sleep on what to do. I am not in a great frame of mind with it right now. My confidence is fragile. I want to improve this new situation but I want to stay confident and safe. It has unfortunately but a dampener on my day. My day of getting back in the saddle that I have been waiting for, for weeks. It was the best day whilst I was on Storm, then it unfortunately sunk.

My closing thoughts for now, thank the lucky stars for Storm ❀️img_3636

Jazz being a good loader and traveller to the vets for his painful teeth sorting out.Β 


My favourite seat in the world, Storm being absolutely wonderful as per usual and looking after me despite being fresh as daisies.



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