A Hard Goodbye – And then there were Two & Ready to Roll!

It has happened. My lovely Jazzy has gone back to Beth and Grahams yard. It was hard but the right decision. I just felt I couldn’t deal with his ‘naughty’ behaviours. He was ‘naughty’ for Kristina when we went out on a ride and she struggled and battled with him quite a lot. After talking everything through with her; and believe me she is very experienced and used to dealing with all sorts of horses – she is a pro. She thought he could be quite scary for me and tough to deal with behaviours because her doesn’t really try to listen to me. Essentially, he feels much better and happier and now has more fight in him. Fight that I – as a rider – cannot win. So it was time to let him go. I had to take him back by myself and I cried quietly to myself as I led him off the yard. Sucked it together and got a bit teary when I left him. I couldn’t look back at his beautiful head as I left. He looked my way and I HAD to not look in order to hold it together. Beth and Graham are wonderful and will sell him on for me now. So the hard bit for me is done. Hopefully he will find a more competent, stronger human who will love, look after him and most importantly, enjoy him. Thank you for everything you taught me Jazz. And thank you for getting me through a really hard summer and tricky few months in my life. I’ll save a place in my heart for you big guy ❤️

In happier news, MY FIRST EVENT IS TOMORROW!!!!!! I am so excited and I simply cannot wait! It’s going to be a 5:45am start but it will be SO worth it. Storm is has been bathed, plaited, groomed within an inch of his life. His stud holes in his shoes have been prepped for tomorrow. His dressage tack and his jumping tack have been cleaned and polished. Equipment cleaned and ready to go. It is going to be fantastic!

More happy news, Dice is not lame! (I can’t remember if  I mentioned it before) but it appears we have a saddle problem and not a leg problem anymore. Coincidence or not I don’t know but his current jumping saddle has been flying up his neck causing it to be very tight over his shoulders. I have been riding him this week in one of my mums’ horses’ saddles and he has been magnificent. A little Ideal Classic 16 inch model. An expensive problem may be but at least my gorgeous boy is not physically hurting himself. My little buddy❤️


Hiding out from the rain in Dice’s stable. So wet here!


Clear scenic shot of the valley where the farm is. Spring is coming around. 


Super Storm….


and Wonder Dice.. And then there were 2 ❤️❤️💕💕


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