Slippery Saddles and A Little Secret… ;)

Slowly coming down from the excitement of last weekend. Such a lot of fun and more great memories for the Memory Bank. Storm recovered well. No knocks, bumps or any kind of injury or health issues post-event which is very important to look out for the days after. Glad he is fit and healthy. I like to give him a slightly easier week just after an event if he hasn’t got anything on the following weekend (which he hasn’t this time), long hacks in walk/trot. Good stamina building but not physically demanding exercise. Leading on to half hour schooling sessions later in the week and a fast canter/gallop somewhere straight to iron out any kinks. He seems to keep well with this plan so far.

My little Dice has been just lovely this week. He is currently saddle sharing with my mums 14.3hh Connemara pony; which has been a great solution for the time being as he is not lame when using this saddle and I have been able to start bringing him back up to some level of work again. I had a little jump on him this week and he LOVED it. It was nice to jump him as it isn’t something I tend to do very regularly with him – as expressed previously. But I wanted to try the saddle out a little bit and I wanted to see if he felt sound doing so. I couldn’t decide if I am really hyper-aware and therefore looking for something or if he just felt on his turns across the centre line he had a stride of shortness. I couldn’t really tell if he was just shortening for the turn (as he isn’t properly schooled – as unfortunately many showjumping ponies aren’t), or if he felt something. Anyway, he appeared to feel fine on a circle and out large so I just stuck to that and changed the rein in long loops. Jumping, he felt awesome! Popped him happily over a 95cm fence quite happily. He bounced over like he’d never missed a day. I really must try to get him back out doing some more jumping when I’m fully convinced he’s sound, fit and happy. However, he has such a mega-jump; a really big, scopey leap – that you have to be so balanced to stay in tune with him. I can’t lie, I missed my fabulous jumping saddle I have for him. Of course I am going to stick with whatever saddle fits him the best every time. But this little GP 16 inch saddle has very little, almost no knee roll and no thigh block at the back and I must admit; the first couple of jumps I slipped about a bit more than I would have liked. My lovely jumping saddle keeps you tucked in nicely and you don’t move a muscle. It’s very hard to fall off in! Something I might have to get used to and like I said, it is useful for perfecting my balance without relying on him so much. Overall I am just glad he is back up and feeling good again. I have stuck to mostly hacking him out. Up the hills trying to get him fitter. Despite his naughty behaviours (which I am so well used to it makes me laugh these days), I love hacking him out. I find him quite easy really. He is quite brave and great with traffic and loves to have a good stretchy canter along the tracks. Lovely, spotty pony!

And now for a little secret surprise, all I will say for now is when one door closes – sometimes another opens right when you completely least expect it. Sometimes it is a case of right place, right time. Take another chance….? Watch this space…😉

A couple of my darling Dice. Not been very good on the pictures this week. I will make efforts to be better!



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