Explanations and Excitement!

Ok, so I’ll explain all about my little Milkshake now that initial excited rush burst out of me. When I say I wasn’t looking, I really wasn’t looking. I felt my heart needed to heal after Jazz. I still missed looking after him and seeing his sweet friendly face on the yard.

Now, I love my ponies. There aren’t enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe how much I love Storm and Dice. They are my everything. My entire world. I see them every single day and enjoy them every single day. It is not a reflection on them. But…I felt a little space where Jazzy was. I would finish doing what I was doing with Storm and Dice, then feel a bit..lost. I didn’t really want to go back home earlier just to sit and wait for the next day to arrive so I could do it all over again. There was definitely a big time gap in my day to day life. Despite this, I still wasn’t really looking. I had a look online to see prices in order to ensure Jazz was correctly advertised and to actually see his advert. In doing so I came across a mare who was one of Beth and Grahams horses’ last year. She was being resold now because the 13 year old she belonged to had hopelessly outgrown her.

I left it alone but she ticked all my boxes:

  • 15.1hh – smaller than Jazz but bigger than Storm
  • Connemara x – I tend to work well with connie types. I like them.
  • Has done some BE90’s – proven capability in the area I am interested in.
  • 7 years old, rising 8 – not a baby but young enough to mould to me some more.
  • Dun, mare – not important, but I have always loved duns.

I asked Beth about her in a text, just casually. What she said about her seemed brilliant. It played on my mind more and more. Cut a long story short, after speaking to my mum after ALOT of back and forth, I rang – who turned out to be the most wonderful – lady who owned Milkshake and before I knew it, I turned up on my own (mum was skiing with my dear dad) to try her out.

Straight away from the first few steps of walking away I just knew I was going to really like her. She rides just like a pony and therefore I felt very confident on her. Through trying her a couple of times, she feels very similar to Storm. In fact, her mannerisms and little ‘horsenality’ feel very, very similar to Storm.

In a rush and a whirl, we decided to take a chance. And yesterday Milkshake came home to West Yorkshire.


Trying out Milkshake. 


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