Shake It Baby, Shake It!

The first few days Milkshake’s new life at the farm are strange for her but going as well as can be. She is a sensitive, delicate little thing and we know she is going to take the time to settle. That being said she really has been good. She is certainly quite a hit down at the farm. Everyone certainly seems to like her. I think duns are quite popular because they are maybe a little bit rarer as a colour or more striking than other colour’s perhaps. Of course I like her for all the other reasons as well as her physicality.

I just really like her. Yes, she is sensitive and impatient and getting on is a little bit of an issue because she gets nervous and all concerned so I literally have to get thrown on. Little things like that… but I just really like her. She is much more what I am used to. Still, we are taking small steps and building up our relationship together. She is already made an improvement when being saddled. Fidgets slightly less. Thats just been down to girthing up more gently and getting a better technique. It’s all very exciting and all very public. Lots of people on the yard watching my every single move with her which feels a bit pressurised and that makes me a bit nervous if I let it. However I can’t do much about peoples’ natural curiosity so I am managing my emotions and mastering those anxieties. It is strange. Other peoples’ opinion really doesn’t matter so much until now. I suppose it is because everyone has taken such a strong interest to her. I shouldn’t complain about that – and I’m not really – I just feel like I have to get it right with her.

Storm of course has been wonderful as always. I had a lesson on him up at Kristina’s where we really worked the flatwork. Began collecting and extending the trot and included leg yields and shoulder in. Great lesson. Storm worked really well and I like working him in different arenas. Also had a Lisa lesson with him where he worked equally hard and I am really feeling pleased with him these days on the flat. He has come such a long way from 18 months ago. Little legend! After working hard at his dressage he is allowed the rest of the week hacking and relaxing now.

Dice has also been fantastic this week too. I have done some work in the round pen with him to see how he looked soundness-wise a to let him get some energy out as due to mud fever he isn’t being turned out (neither is Storm). I have mostly hacked him to try and rid him of that last 5% lameness he shows on tight left turns. But in all fairness he has been fantastic. I really enjoy riding him out. He is such a good boy when he is being good. Pleased to report he has stayed sound so another easier week with short hacks every day then I will start to build him up a little more. IMG_3992

Milkshake and I making friends


When the King met the Queen – a favourite picture of mine ❤️❤️


Mrs Milkshake. 


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