Turning Corners & #Workingit

Spring is my favourite time of year. It is absolutely the reward for surviving a cold and rainy winter. And here we are in Summer Turnout at last! Nobody is happier than the horses! Dice and Storm who have been in for many weeks due to mud fever were so happy to be out. Galloping, bucking, leaping and squealing. I really enjoy watching horses be horses.

I have been getting prepped and ready for my next event on Sunday which is at a place called Breckenbrough in North Yorkshire. Going for another 90. Yay!! Storm has been getting prepped and ready to go. Quite a bit of flatwork training without allowing boredom to creep in or make him feel over-pressured. He went superbly mid way through the week. Completing canter leg yields, shoulder in and collection with a soft feel. I quickly told him how brilliant he was and we have been hacking for the remainder of the week. He is so ready for the weekend. I can’t wait again! I live for my ponies. I really live and love them. And through that I have found my ultimate passion in Eventing.

Milkshake has been growing and building all week. And the more I have done with her. The more I have pushed myself and the better things have been. I have had a couple of lessons on her on the flat and she has been really good. Defiantly #workingit on the flat. As I have said before, flatwork improves everything. I have also made the decision to put her on a special kind of calmer feed called Magic by Naf. It is brilliant. She has had it one week and already I can see a huge difference in her stressed behaviour. I am really pleased with her and feel like she has serious potential.

But most of all, my confidence has turned a huge corner. To the point where I took her up to Emley Arena for a showjumping lesson with Kristina on my own – mum is away. I loaded her, travelled her solo and met Kristina up there. Now this may not sound a big deal to many people but to me it was huge. Not only the whole process of just going up there but how I completely surprised myself in handling her behaviour once up there. She had a few spooky moments and looked at things a little. But I didn’t react negatively at all. In fact, I barely reacted. Just  pushed her on as normal. It wasn’t even until half way through my session I even realised this and smiled to myself. It was excellent. She jumped like a STAG. My god she is a talented little thing! Pinging up over all the fillers, planks and even the small wall they have up there. Didn’t bat an eyelid. She was a touch strong and nice and forward but I really, really don’t mind that. I would 100 times over prefer her stronger and going over than backing off and my having to kick like crazy. I might try a slightly stronger bit – upgrade from her Neue Schule Tranz-Angled Snaffle to a Neue Schule Universal. Not strong at all but a touch stronger. The same bit I use when Storm goes cross-country. I just feel so light and cheerful. I feel so happy.

Like truly happy for the first time since she arrived really. I have struggled – for whatever reason – with feeling numb, unmotivated and extremely anxious about her and therefore all the horses. It has been knot-in-stomach anxiety just waking up to the thought of having to go down and get on with it and ride her and work her. When I was riding Storm and Dice I knew I would have to ride her too and keep thinking about riding her when I was riding them. It was starting to get out of control. Despite this I forced myself to ride her properly and relax. I have hacked her out lots with my mum which has been great and truly enjoyed it – though I haven’t given her a long rein particularly yet. But just since my Lisa lesson I felt a little boost of confidence happen. And today was a complete revelation. I feel like we ARE going to make it. I CAN make things happen. But most of all, I feel I am not on my own with her. I have wonderful trainers and teachers. I do not need to struggle in silence. One or the other will help me if I ask for it. In doing so and giving me the instruction I crave so badly, I know what to do and feel more in control.

Confidence is everything. I am relived and pleased the tide has finally turned and it is flowing back into me and not rushing out.

I will update some extra pictures of our jumping session today when I retrieve them for Kristina.


Ponies showing off their colours!


Enjoying beautiful sunny days.


Princess Milkshake having a snooze


Milkshake rockin’ in our jumping lesson.


Work it girl ❤️


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