Breckenbrough BE90

Oh. My. God. YAAAAAAAAASSS!!! What an incredible Event! I am OVER THE MOON with my wonder pony Storm! I walked the cross-country course yesterday with a friend who was also competing and we both agreed it was a big and technical course. When I say big, I mean full up to height and width. A good test for the level BE90. But I felt confident and in ‘attack mode’ – to say I felt ready to ride it well and I didn’t have any hang ups anywhere on course. I went to sleep feeling ready and excited to go out and kick on!

This mentality defiantly carried over to today. I actually had to drive there myself as mum is away in South Africa. I felt prepared and actually quite excited. There is such a freedom that comes with driving the horse box solo. I rather love it. I took my loyal and forever friend Colette with me which was brilliant as I need an extra pair of hands when eventing.

We set off to the dressage in good faith, here a little bonus; an enourmas horse box arrived just as I was crossing the road to the dressage warm up and as I waved ‘Thank you’, only NICOLA WILSON waved back!!!! FYI, she is an olympic eventer who had the mighty Opposition Buzz in London 2012. I was startled and happy and very fan-girly. There is a bit of controversy currently about that professional riders should ride in separate shows than amateurs. Quite often professionals will need to start their very young, baby horses at the lower levels before they take them on to the unthinkably huge competitions that occur at the top levels. My personal view on the matter – I LOVE seeing the pro’s around! It is so exciting to think you are competing at the same show as your heros and stars. Catching glimpses of them is very exciting and watching them ride the same jumping and xc courses is brilliant. It is part of what makes eventing so electric and unique.

Storm’s dressage was pretty good. Score of 34 which sounds a bit rubbish but when you compare it to the other scores which ranged from 31 – 37 it was really ok. I felt he produced a nice test with much improved transitions. Next we need to really concentrate on our stretch. His free-walk was ok but needs improvement. Still, I was pleased with him.

Showjumping was a bit of a let-down. Not that the pony in any way was a let down and I most certainly won’t cross. It just felt a bit unlucky. He had 2 poles down. The first and the last. The ring was on a slight tilt and I felt he just got running down the hill to the first fence – a mistake that several horses made. Storm was certainly not the only one to have it down. Nearly everyone I saw did the same thing. I can’t complain. He did jump a good round aside from that. I think we just need to practice short corners at home a little bit more but it is all ok really.

To make up for it, he was UNBELIEVABLE round the big, technical and intimidating cross country course. He was sensational! I felt so proud of him as he galloped round! I rode the corner fence bang on right which I really did feel was a fantastic personal achievement and he made no matter of the big and intimidating box hedge that both me and my friend yesterday felt was huge. In fact, he galloped over the line 10 seconds within the time! It was a very long course, the time allowed was 5 minutes 21 seconds. The longest by far we have done so to say I was pleased is an understatement.

I’ve come home on such a high from it. We didn’t place as our show jumping faults cost us but I genuinely don’t mind. It was a challenge for me to get round that xc today. Particularly with my recent confidence issues. He was unreal. Properly fantastic. My one in a million superstar!! And we can’t WAIT for the next one in a couple of weeks at Kelsall Hill πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„

Such a fabulous day! Storm rocks!


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