Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! 🐣 April is rolling along and so are my ponies.

Storm has continued to excel after his brilliant run at Breckenbrough. As usual he has had an enjoyable week of hacking and more relaxed work. This weekend I took him to our local cross country course – it is quite a simple easy course with a small option fence and a large option fence on each numbered jump. It was straightforward but non-the-less it was a run out for him. He was marvellous and jumped some of the biggest fences there. I have being going to this place (Hopton XC Course) for years and years. Since I first loaned my first pony when I was 10 years old. Storm once again excelled and took me over what have been my ‘scary big’ fences that for years I never dreamed of tackling. Let alone tackling them on a 14.2 wonderpony! That pony knows no bounds. He is a marvel. Looking on to Keslall Hill on Friday. Very exciting as this is my favourite event and venue of the season! I am thrilled to be attending again. I must start practising my dressage as it is a more complicated one for me to remember – though I am appalling at remembering my tests. A week of hacking does him good. He will come back to the arena renewed and refreshed for some training.

Milkshake has also excelled this week. I have been hacking her in all weathers. The spooky high winds and the rain. I am becoming more and more pleased with her. I was tempted to take her up to Hopton XC this weekend but I had younger friends who hadn’t been before wanting to follow me round. Because I do not quite know her yet, I think she would be quite alright but if I am being responsible for other people, I needed Mr. Dependable Storm who I trust 100% with XC fences. She is looking beautifully golden now. Her summer dun coat is really beginning to shine through. I am really wanting to get to some dressage or low key showjumping shows with her this week but I forgot that my event was to be on a Friday and that it is in fact bank holiday Monday today. So my week has cut itself short so I may run out of time. Not that there is any rush with it. I just want to take advantage of my re-found confidence.

On a side-note: I am still working with my personal growth programme and continually try and apply the teachings to my life. Reading chapter of my Sports Psychology books continually helps too.

Dice has just been lovely. I have spent a little more time and attention on him the past week as I feel he has been unintentionally sidelined since Milkshake burst onto the scene. It paid off. We have had some really lovely moments (which I managed to photograph) of him snoozing in his stable. In an ideal world I could do with a bit more commitment from his second rider. As it is, everything is slightly hit and miss at the moment which means I don’t know whether she is wanting to do bits with him or not. I understand. She is young and a teenager, really – it is ok. But for the sake of the pony I could do with knowing a little more where I stand with it. I probably need to have this conversation with her and/or her mum at some point.

Overall everything is going well. They all had a day off yesterday and I had a very rare day of not visiting the farm. It was out of respect partially for the family who run the yard. They deserve a break on Easter too!

Special bonding time with my boy ❤️


Everyone had their teeth done this week. All had good mouths which was very pleasing. Storm is happy to be on turnout, Dice having a snooze in the sun after a ride and Milkshake just looking glorious in the Spring sunshine. 


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