About Jodie’s World

Oh hey there!

I am Jodie and I am 22 years old and I am taking a slightly involuntary gap  year between finishing my undergraduate degree in Fine Art (BA Hons) at Leeds Beckett University and starting my postgraduate  degree at the University of Leeds in Film, Photography and Media.

The year is involuntary due to numerous health problems. I have had health problems my whole life. I have Cystic Fibrosis – diagnosed at birth. I had a life-saving, double lung transplant back in September 2012. I am diabetic on the back of the CF and transplant. I have severe HPV caused by transplant medication which makes it an ongoing issue, and last but not least I have chronic kidney failure with acute kidney disease (my kidneys are failing).

However, I still believe I am very lucky as I did get my transplant, which has spurred off other problems but it has given me a precious second life and I am able to carry on being with my horses (Dice, Storm and Milkshake) which is the thing I love most in the world. Their hoofbeats match my heartbeats 🙂

Dice has been with me since I was 15. He has seen me through an awful lot of difficult times and changes. I feel very attached to him even though I no longer focus on Show Jumping and would sooner chop off my arm than sell him.

Storm is my golden boy, he came along in September 2015 and changed my life. He allowed me to pursue my Eventing dreams and gave me all he’s got. He is a seriously special pony.